MESOSCOPE Technology | Determining the how and why of a device failure is one of the most pressing needs in the industry today


Determining the how and why of a semiconductor device failure is one of the most pressing needs in the industry today. Not only does it focus on changing the recurring symptoms, but it pays attention to identifying and treating the targeted root problems.

Established in 2006, MESOSCOPE Technology is one such promising brand that emphasizes on building novel and creative failure analysis methodology for crossing barriers of advanced technology development.

Objectives of the company:

● Overcoming the shortcomings of the measurement of semiconductors and its applications.

● To be a step ahead in anticipating the future problems and designing the desired failure analysis. 

● Providing advanced and up-to-date solutions for semiconductor developments. 

● Put forward and come up with an appropriate method of measurement for the next generation according to the characteristics of the future technology.

● To variety the process of applying probes and fabrication for metallic-made probes CAFM, SSRM, SCM, and MFM. 

● To enhance the conductivity and resolution by using probes made of tungsten and 4 width depth ratios at 100 nm behind apex.

MESOSCOPE Technology is much more than designing future analysis methodology for semiconductors. This was evident in our conversation with the company. Read more to get interesting insights.

Tell us about the vision and mission of MESOSCOPE technology. What do you think makes the company different from other manufacturing brands?

MESOSCOPE Technology was founded with the sole mission of providing advanced and empirically tested solutions for all the semiconductor development issues. The subsequent vision of the company is to smartly outgrow the constraints that are applied to the measurement and field level application of the semiconductors in different arenas.

We are also driven by the purpose of being the forerunner in nano probe technology and device failure analysis while also comprehending the best and most efficient way of bestowing different methods of measurements for the next generation challenges that the future technology is yet to present us with.

As for being different from others, according to me the uniqueness of MESOSCOPE Technology lies in its profuse and endless search for ways of contributing to the installation of new measurement methodologies for semiconductor devices.

Apart from this, our company also focuses on solving the problems that would likely be brought about by the future technologies. We like to study and anticipate the most adequate consequences and future developments in order to introduce to the world the next-generation memory device structure.

Fortunately, our quest for knowledge and applying that to the real world has led us to develop some of the most efficient and time-saving methodologies. To begin with, we have introduced Micro Surface Treatment (M.S.T) designs and technology to smoothen the manufacturing process of nano-scale probe tips.

What makes the M.S.T. technology ahead of its time is its capacity to effectively and most accurately control the profile of the probe tip. In doing so, it doesn’t make use of the traditional methodology and goes ahead of the customary use of the nanoscale conductive metallic probe tips. This feature is unique to the company since it is widely successful in establishing a better form of specification for end users to analyze failure mechanisms in their advanced technology devices accurately and timely without any delay.

Another development that makes MESOSCOPE Technology stand out as unique from its counterparts is its recent qualification for 3nm technology failure analysis, with beforehand preparation of the CR3, CR2 and CR1 for future advanced technology failure analysis needed.

What are some of the leading products that your company manufactures?

MESOSCOPE Technology has been very specific in the kinds and types of products it manufactures right from the beginning. Here are three of those hallmark serial products that the company manufactures and tries to add some variation into.

● Nano-scale probe tips for devices characterize measurement.

● Provide Nano probing service for identifying the defect root cause.

● Nano probing system Representative.

What are the features of your nano-scale probe? What according to you makes you the leading manufacturer of the product in this industry?

With the challenges provided to us by the dimensions of submicron semiconductor devices and transistors, demarcating the causal factors that contribute to the reduction of the reliability and performance of the semiconductors. We focus on challenges like these and address more important points like the use of the VLSI technology.

With its small and minute features, it has made it especially difficult for us to explore some of the hidden and subtle defects that seriously hamper the yield of integrated circuits specifically in the nanometer generation codes .

Our NANO-Scale probe technology outlives all others that are present in the global market. Here are some of the features that we install in it that makes this possible:

  • We tend to equip manufacturers with the capability to isolate and characterize the exact failing transistors of malfunctioned devices.
  • We address the issue of constant shrinkage of the component size of ICs, thereby enabling the manufacturers to stay abreast of the current nanoprobing trends to gain a competitive edge.
  • We focus on how to be good at manufacturing various perfect probes in the most challenging nano probing application.
  • Other exemplary features include good conductivity, good uniformity and sharp profile for advanced technology failure analysis.

For one, the primary fleeting aim of Mesoscope technology has always been a singular focus on its nano scale probe. We have never strived to drift away from this technology and this is one of the biggest reasons that makes us the leading proponents of manufacturing for this product.

Another reason is as we always say it, we believe in looking at the challenges that the future holds for us and engage with our complete dedication towards preparing a feasible solution for it. We like to be proactive in our approach and confront the problem before it has set in motion. As a result, MESOSCOPE keeps varied models ready at its disposal that can prove useful in undertaking the failure analysis process for at least the following two generations.

MESOSCOPE understands the difficulties and challenges that the traditional methods can provide, especially when it comes to the fabrication of nano probes. One of the most successful and comprehensive approaches in this regard is the M.S.T.(Micro Surface Treatment) module it developed with the aim to control apex profile, cleaning and treating the surface with high yield rate.

Tell us about the personnel of MESOSCOPE Technology. How do you think they contribute to the success of the company?

At MESOSCOPE Technology, we embrace hardworking and sedulous personnel that chiefly work towards the success of the company. To begin with, Vincent Huang NCTU, Doctor of Philosophy, Material Science owns the company and has a primary role in leaving core managers and managing the Product Engineer Department, R&D Department, Product Sales Department, Quality Assurance Department and Company Management Department. To gain a better understanding of how these departments contribute to the success of our company, let us look the workings and description of each:

The manager of the Circuit Measurement Department, is Doctor of Philosophy, Physics, who does a brilliant job in leading the team to provide the nano probing service for IC design company for locating the defect of their design devices. This plays a big role in keeping our output data precise with cutting edge technology.

The manager of the Technical Develop Department efficiently guides the team to design mechanisms of parts for manufacturing and design probe stations and related accessories.

The efforts shown by the personnel and team of this department has enabled customers to use the nano scale probe and carry out the settings in small dimensions, especially when it comes to measuring advanced technologies.

The director of the Product Engineer Department uses and leads members to manufacture the most advanced metallic nano-scale probe tips, while the Manager of the Product Sales Department directs the members to collect marketing information, and provide instant service.

The vice president of the Company Management Department takes special care of collecting the internal employees’ feedback once per quarter to improve the working environment. Finally, The manager of the Quality Assurance Department continuously monitors each teams’ operation and assures that each of them follow and work according to the stated rules.

Would you like to share with us some of your achievements? Where do you see the company in the next 5 years?

Since its inception in 2006, MESOSCOPE has been recognized as being the best in its niche. This is rightfully evident by the awards and achievements it has acquired in the last 16 years. The company got certification of ISO9001 in the year of 2021. Further, it is also estimated to be recognized with the certification of ISO17025 later in this year.

MESOSCOPE Technology has a number of plans and milestones to achieve in the next half decade or so. We plan to initiate the fabrication process for the metallic made probe for CAFM, SSRM, SCM and MFM applications. Further, we aim to enlarge and widen our scope and use of Tungsten made probes as opposed to silicon substrate materials to improve the conductivity. Our 4 width depth ratios at 100 nm behind apex, also aims to bring excellent resolution.

To know more about the company, its developments and upcoming products, visit their official website at and take a look!.

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