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Nitin Aggarwal

The Property Deals Insight story

Nitin Aggarwal founded Property Deals Insight in 2019 as he identified a gap in the market. His background as a technology subject matter expert (SME) paired with a seriously entrepreneurial approach has resulted in a PropTech offering that gives property investors and property businesses access to in-depth data that underpins sound decision making.

His experiences in property transactions when buying his first home led him to identify the need for technology that takes the hassle out of property research. As his experience with investment properties, development projects, HMOs and BTLs grew, he realised that the property investment life cycle was way too slow.

Even in this day and age the property industry was still using archaic techniques and manual processes, which slowed down the whole property investment and development cycle. Due diligence took time - hours, weeks and even months.& The alternative was to make decisions based on gut instinct and minimal data - a potentially expensive mistake in the making!

Instead of just complaining about the problem he applied his considerable experience building and leading industry change solutions for some of the largest organisations in the world and Property Deals Insights was born, as an extremely powerful SAAS portal and an API solution.

This platform ( gives anyone - from first time buyer to property professional - access to comprehensive information on the UK property market. The platform gathers data from a wide variety of reliable data sources and combines with proprietary algorithms on properties across the UK to give people the information they need to close more deals with confidence and many times faster.

What does Property Deals Insight do?


PDI offers an affordable subscription service to independent property investors, property sourcers, estate agents, surveyors, Prop Techs and other professional property businesses.

 This enables them to:

  • Check out current hot areas for investment by price trends, yield, sale prices or average rents.
  • Get an accurate property valuation for more than 27 million properties in the UK and a comprehensive report detailing average per sqm price, rental valuation, yield, valuation confidence and more.  This is generated by a bespoke AI powered Automated Valuation Model,
  • List and find investment properties right across the UK.
  • Search for potential property deals listed by over a dozen different investment strategies e.g. Buy-to-let, Auctions, Repossessions, Buy-Refurb-Refinance, Rent-to-Rent and many more.
  • Cashflow and yield reports with interactive fields to allow instant calculation of costs, yield, annual cash flow and more.
  • Flip analysis return on investment calculations to avoid expensive mistakes.


This is a game changer for property investors as it brings transparency to the investments and saves hours delivering due diligence instantly. But more than that, it lets investors buy properties that are outside their local area with confidence.

The tools available through a PDI subscription short-cut the typical need to spend three months and £10K in finders fees. They provide far more detailed information than is usually easily available.

The data is drawn from several trusted sources, including but not limited to HM Land Registry, Office for National Statistics, Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government, Ofcom, Google Maps, Ordnance Survey, Ofsted and many commercial sites, such as Zoopla and RightMove. These are processed through algorithms to deliver accurate, comprehensive and unbiased information.

This has been valuable during the recent pandemic. As a UK-based, digital business, Property Deals Insight continued to operate and develop the offerings. As investors have been less able to travel, the platform has enabled them to continue resourcing and buying properties with confidence that their investments are made based on robust information.

Using the PDI platform has also reduced the investor carbon footprint, by removing the need to travel, even locally, and less time spent online (a reduction of the digital carbon footprint).

With three levels of subscription for both property investors and for property businesses, the PDI offering addresses the specific needs of each of these groups. For investors the primary need is the ability to make decisions quickly, with the minimum of risk. This allows them to close on deals fast, and beat competitors to the best deals.

For property businesses it gives them the power to provide customers with in-depth information on properties to enhance their reputation and deliverables.

Continuous development

The first stage was aimed at individual investors using a subscription model and this has been developed with further business offerings including APIs for property businesses. This allows property professionals to deliver highly detailed property reports, so smaller agencies can compete with their larger competitors.

For example, a local estate agent can both provide professional branded reports to buyers and can also free up senior staff by automating property valuations for sellers.

An affiliate scheme was added earlier this year (2021).

Now the core offering has 2000+ subscribers, the next stage of development is currently in the funding stage to raise $1 million in exchange for 20% equity. This will fund the development of lenders reports, surveyors and conveyancing packs, deal exchange, and global expansion (to Europe, Asia and the US).

The overall aim is to deliver comprehensive information to the property market that is affordable and convenient.

Going forward the plan is for the product to be supported by subscriptions from the growing user base.

There is no & end to the vision - as long as investors need solutions Property Deals Insight will be listening and developing what they want. This is already being done working with investors and estate agents to tweak the service to meet specific needs.

The future

The vision for the future is to build a one-stop shop. Instead of property services operating in silos, the vision is to offer a complete solution.

This will include partnering with other PropTech companies to bring everything involved in finding, assessing, buying and selling property in one place and making the dream of one-click property purchase a reality.

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