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Anne-Sophie Tourrette

Have you ever felt like your banker or financial advisor spoke an unfamiliar language to you? Did you feel like signing a contract or product without being convinced deep down that it was really for your benefit? What do you think of that interview you had with your adviser where he spoke 80 to 90% of the time, and you just listened without a single clue?

Do you recognize yourself in the following sentences: The stock market, uh... anyway, I don’t understand anything about it! My husband works in the bank! It’s my husband who manages the purse strings! My banker is charming, and he takes care of everything!... I could list many more phrases like this.

Born from the desire to serve its customers better, Anne-Sophie TOURETTE, founder & CEO of AdvisorOne and AWAP, is an independent wealth manager. She gave her 17 valuable years while working in banks, after which she stepped out to explore and establish AdvisorOne.

After 17 years in banking, I was on the verge of burnout. That’s when I started questioning the job I was doing and the way I was doing it. The bank’s policy went against my values, and performance was the only watchword. When it begins impacting your health conditions, it becomes more worrying. I then discussed it with my clients and found myself with the support I needed at that time, which motivated me to become independent. They shared this human relationship of reciprocal trust with me and did not just want a cold professional relationship where a customer is just a number.

How would you like to be introduced to an individual who does not know about you and your company?

I like to refer to myself as a “heritage stylist.” My name is Anne-Sophie TOURETTE, I am a mother of two beautiful young girls aged 17 and 19, and I created AdvisorOne – an independent wealth management company, in 2008 after spending 17 years in wealth management banks in France, the United States, Luxembourg, and Switzerland. In 2007, I obtained the award of “Citywealth Platinum Advisor” among 100 other candidates from the world of finance and wealth management in Europe.

What is your take on defining the business model to build stable relationships with your customers?

The business model has applied socially responsible ESG criteria from the outset (investments that take into account environmental, social, and governance criteria) in my relationship with you, with custodian banks and suppliers. And these criteria are not unrelated to the fact that AdvisorOne has just proudly celebrated its 10th anniversary. I am proud today to still be present in this field as a woman. In the beginning, I had more detractors than supporters, but time showed that I was right to follow my intuition and my business model. At the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey in March 2008, I was told that without bank retrocession, my company was doomed... And I must thank the bankruptcies of Lehman Brothers and Madoff at the end of 2008, which allowed me to highlight certain practices which did not go in the direction of transparency with the customer. And that’s why 11 years later, we’re still here!

How do you at AdvisorOne focus on moving with the approach of individuals before the investor?

We like to take the time to discuss the objectives with our clients to support them and set up a dedicated asset organization. Everyone is unique, and that is why we strive to create a relationship of mutual trust: a relationship of partnership.

Our clients are at the center of our networks of expertise. We mobilize the most advanced specialists for their specific needs at each stage of the development of their professional as well as private assets. Our role as an architect-assembler of skills is essential to the healthy growth of your wealth globally within a constantly evolving legal framework. In financial management, the absence of conflicts of interest is ensured by the diversity of our network, which allows us to select the “best of” in each asset class.

What values does AdvisorOne function or thrive on to provide the customers with maximum satisfaction?

Trust - We take the time to discuss and get to know each of our customers - and you, too, to best approach your requirements and offer you a solution that meets your expectations.

Transparency- Since the 1st day, I have chosen to work without retrocession from the banks, only the client pays me, and I negotiate with the banks a discount of at least 50%. Each actor is reimbursed for the service he provides.

Sustainability - I see AdvisorOne as a firm of “architect assemblers” with the various trades necessary for the construction, transformation, expansion, and sustainability of my client’s assets.

Security- We set up for customers who wish for a “private board of directors,” bringing together the best skills to build a solid structure. A happy customer is a customer who will stay, and that is what we focus on.

As a financial manager and the owner of two companies, what measures do you take toward the sustainable development of the planet we live on?

The United Nations has published a treaty with 2030 recommendations to protect our planet, for which we are all concerned at different levels. As financial managers, we also impact the environment, which should not be neglected. We can take actions that contribute to this preservation effort by choosing responsible investments and investing in companies that pay attention to their ecological impact and social criteria (in particular, the treatment of employees and customers). At the environmental level, even if it concerns our customers less, we also manage all the material aspects of the company (office supplies, the non-abusive use of paper, etc.). I am convinced that this effort for our planet results from consistency in the creation of the company and the way it operates internally and with its customers and service providers.

When the time to share comes...

With the arrival of 10 years of AdvisorOne, I took a moment to take stock of our progress, and I found that I wanted to expand and innovate even more. It is mainly time to share my 29 years of experience in the world of finance with all women:

● who do not know where to start,

● who need to be accompanied to take their first step in the stock market,

● who are divorced, who are widowed, who have just inherited, and who find themselves at the head of capital,

● who want to understand and be sure to deal with the advisor who listens to them and truly understands them.

We want to help women, in particular, to become active investors!! Do you want to know how to invest? Would you like to have trust in your financial adviser? Would you like to be aware of your relationship with money? We welcome you with open arms. To bring the hidden investor out of you by helping you understand your strengths and open doors of thousands of opportunities for you to watch you become a financially independent and strong woman.


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