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Daniel M. Silverstein

Over his 20 years of practice in New York and New Jersey, Daniel M. Silverstein has made a name for himself as one of the field’s most reputable tax and bankruptcy experts. He has demonstrated his abilities as a knowledgeable, diligent advocate for hundreds of people and small businesses in financial and tax disputes. He has a track record of concluding bankruptcy cases and obtaining a discharge. Additionally, he has developed a stellar reputation with the regional and upstate tax authorities. Finally, when appropriate, he successfully contested bankruptcy-related disputes involving creditors or the Trustee.

In his 20 years of practice, he has represented people from all walks of life in straight Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases at all bankruptcy courts in New York and New Jersey, including professional wage earners, union members, and stock brokers. Additionally, he has defended preferential proceedings on behalf of creditors. In other bankruptcy cases, bankruptcy entity leaders falsely accused of breaking the law were successfully defended.

He has worked with taxpayers from various walks of life throughout his tax business, resulting in several discounted settlements where the original debt amount was reduced from several hundred thousand dollars to less than ten. Releasing owners of confiscated property or business. Negotiating penalty reductions was one of the other successful submissions. He represented a small business owner in an audit issue and negotiated a favorable resolution to the audit.

Negotiating a payment schedule that BOTH the taxpayer and the government can live with is frequently the most beneficial service. Finally, I have assisted many non-filers in regaining control of their lives over the years, says Daniel.

He has held memberships in the New York State Bar, the New Jersey Bar, the City Bar Bankruptcy Panel, the New York State Bar Association’s Committee to Review the Code of Professional Responsibility, and the American Bar Association. In addition, for the previous two seasons, he served as the financial secretary on the Swiss Ski Club’s Executive Board.

Doing your taxes has never been so easy!

It’s challenging, annoying, and can wreck your personal and professional lives. Even cashing a check could be challenging if you’re having issues with the IRS. However, the IRS has several legal rights and a staff of attorneys to pursue debts to the utmost degree permitted to recover taxes they believe are owed.

They have the authority to seize your property, levy your bank accounts, question your neighbors about your whereabouts, and even send an agent to follow you around. This is because you do not live your own life.

This is hardly news if you have ever had a dispute with the IRS. You are fully aware of everything and how long the procedure can take. The IRS won’t think twice about using any tool at its disposal. Your issues won’t disappear. Now is the time to take precautions for your safety.

The good news is that you, too, have an array of weapons at your disposal—your legal rights— regardless of your tax-paying past. The right to legal representation, such as that provided by the Law Offices of Daniel Silverstein, is among the most significant. It enables you to pursue your interests to the utmost extent permitted by the law. Moreover, more often than you might think, hiring a lawyer can help you save a ton of cash.

The Law Offices of Daniel Silverstein are a seasoned legal practice with substantial IRS and tax expertise. They know how to work within the IRS system to reduce your tax bills and take advantage of your full legal rights. Most people find that having a lawyer saves them money. So why spend more money on taxes than necessary or miss out on another sleepless night? The best defense you have is legal representation.

What do they help with?

The Law Offices of Daniel Silverstein can decide what is best for you after a thorough conversation about your tax status. In addition, you might be able to benefit from specific IRS initiatives to reduce your payment with our knowledge and assistance, including:

● Offers in compromise allow for the Settlement of past tax bills at a far lower cost or their complete elimination.

● Discounted Settlement enables negotiation of a tax liability significantly lower than what is actually owed.

● The payment of interest on interest, as well as the reduction of penalties, saves you money.

● A convenient Payment Schedule enables you to arrange tax payments in a rational and practical way for you rather than the IRS.

● You can discharge all of your IRS debt through bankruptcy. In some circumstances, if you qualify, this might be your best choice.

Solve your tax problems without having any word with the IRS

The first step to resolving your IRS issues is to discuss them with the Law Offices of Daniel Silverstein during our free consultation. At that time, we will be able to explain what to anticipate and estimate our reasonable charges.

As your legal agent, the Law Offices of Daniel Silverstein will personally handle all communications with the IRS, including letters, phone calls, and meetings. As a result, you won’t ever need to communicate with IRS agents. You’ll also appreciate our dedication to that case’s success personally. We stand out from our competitors because of our commitment to fulfilling our client’s needs.

We know how to assert your rights within the IRS’s system because we know their strategies and negotiating approach. To complete tasks, we know who to get in touch with. You will profit from our vast bench experience if your case necessitates a court appearance. The good news is that your case will probably never get that far if the Law Offices of Daniel Silverstein are on your side.

Our offices are conveniently situated close to Times Square and reachable through significant subway lines. Or, see us in person at our Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey office in person. Call 1-888-382-7880 right away to get the assistance you need.

The company has been helping millions of people get rid of their tax and bankruptcy issues for over 20 years, and successfully so!

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