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Masahito Nakaishi

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Applying quantum physics and atomic physics to a broader spectrum of everyday life is Glencal Technology’s most fundamental and essential raison d’être.

The RedoxMaster® is an ion engine-powered processing unit and facility that gently dries organic materials, including organic garbage and organic waste, with little or no carbon dioxide emissions and produces and recycles them into food, medicine, feed, fertilizer, plastic material, paper material, etc. which Glencal Technology innovated and is producing, and is highly regarded not only in Japan, where the company is headquartered but throughout the world.

We had an amazing conversation with Glencal Technology Co., Ltd. to know more about their work, the nature of business, etc.


When they established Glencal in 2002, their first project was to develop heavy particle therapy (heavy ion radiotherapy, please refer to the following URL( en/ ) for cancer treatment with TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION and Nagoya University in Nagoya city. Unfortunately, the project was unsuccessful, as they needed to be more significant to complete it at that time.

” The company’s name, Glencal, was named after the US scientist Dr. Glenn Theodore Seaborg to show our deep respect for his outstanding achievements in nuclear/physics science and the educational field. ”

Since they started their business, nuclear and quantum fields have always been their focus.

In 2009, they considered investing in venture companies utilizing technologies such as coldfusion nuclear technology, photocatalysts, and fuel efficiency improvement devices by ionizing. At the beginning of the study, they needed clarification. Still, they gradually assumed that there might be a highly efficient drying technology using no / less heat and wind, and they conducted various experiments to prove this.

KUDOS for the hard work they did!

How has the company evolved?

The founders of Glencal Co., Ltd. (Glencal Technology Co., Ltd.’s origin company), Mr. Masahito NAKAISHI (current CEO of Glencal Technology) and Ms. Masumi MAENO (current director of Glencal Technology), were co-workers of HSBC Tokyo, working as interest rate traders. From that financial background, Glencal Technology differs from most venture companies in Japan because it has the advantage of economic and financial expertise.

When asked about the benefits, they said, “When Glencal Technology was established in 2013 (two years before the UN adopted the SDGs in 2015), society needed to be more environmentally conscious, so our technology did not attract much attention. But as everybody has noticed, the importance of conservation has been focused on so much recently that more attention has been drawn to our technology. Boosted by the robust network of Japan’s leading companies, our business has been growing since then. To broaden applications of RedoxMaster® technology, in 2020, the company established its subsidiary, Glencal Scenery Co., Ltd., with semi-governmental corporations representing Japan, such as the Japan Agriculture Cooperatives Group, the Norinchukin Bank (one of the largest investors in the world) and the Japan Railway Group. (Glencal Technology holds most of the shares of Glencal Scenery).”

Schedules for waste removal

RedoxMaster® dries organic materials at an overwhelmingly low cost (approximately one-third to one-twentieth) compared to conventional technologies while significantly reducing carbon dioxide emissions (about 40% to 80% less CO2 emissions) at low temperatures (20°C to less than 100°C) and quickly (several hours to one day) without carbonizing or oxidizing them. Their technology offers excellent solutions to the world’s current needs.

Once the organic waste such as apple, coffee bean, and green tea pomace are put into the RedoxMaster®, the pomace is dried for several to 24 hours. (depending on the various conditions such as the nature of the waste and temperatures and so on.) Their current machine can dry 7 to 10-ton pomace per day. Once the residue is placed in the RedoxMaster®, there is no need for workers to do anything until the drying process is complete.

We asked them if they have environmental Protection Agency Registration

● Scheduled to be certified as a standard device eligible for subsidies by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and the Central Livestock Association in FY2023

● Scheduled to be adopted as a 2023 Ministry of the Environment Bio-Raw Materials Regional Circulating and Ecological Sphere Project

Which sectors do they serve?

Their ion-optimizing technology can be applied in almost all manufacturing processes and human activities.

Below is the list they can serve.

● Food industry

● Pharmaceutical industry

● Agriculture

● Livestock farming

● Restaurants

● Hospitals

● Military

● Amusement parks

● Auto manufacturing businesses (Drying paints consumes a large amount of energy and time and also emits a lot of CO2)

When asked about do you have any additional Environmental or Sustainability Certifications?

They said, “Glencal Senary Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Glencal Technology, manufactures traffic cones made of biomass plastic using wood flour. This traffic cone has obtained the “Biomass Mark” from the Japan Organic Resources Association. The Biomass Mark is a mark of environmental products utilizing biological resources (biomass) whose quality and safety comply with relevant laws, regulations, standards, and specifications.

What certifications their employees

Glencal Technology has various specialists. The management team includes:

● A lawyer.

● A certified public accountant.

● A university professor.

● A first-class architect.

● A registered business consultant. The technical team includes a super-qualified plastic moulding technician(a few have this qualification in Japan), a PhD holder in quantum science, nuclear physics, and elementary particle physics, and a PhD holder in Microbiology.

We wanted to ask them how they deal with the issues and what they do when they feel things aren’t going as intended.


They reverted; Glencal Technology’s management team is a group of people who have owned and grown their businesses. These people are our assets. By consulting with this management team and seeking the help we needed from their network of contacts, we have been able to get through the challenges we have faced.

We are proud to have received several prestigious awards since the summer of 2022 due to our serious business activities. We have not made any special efforts to gain any “awards”. We have only strived to develop the most efficient and innovative technologies for our customers and the global environment. We have yet to conduct any pervasive publicity. Happily, our reputation is spreading by word of mouth in Japan and abroad.

Glencal Technology is the Most Trusted Company

They are constantly striving to innovate technology. The conventional primary drying method has used large amounts of heat energy and emitted large amounts of CO2. As a result, the processed organic matter lost the valuable nutrients and energy it originally possessed, making it difficult to reuse. RedoxMaster® technology, developed by Glencal Technology, is a revolutionary plasma-based technology that uses low power, low cost, low CO2 emissions, and does not damage the nutrients in the treated material. The continued development of this highly innovative technology is why the current energy shortages, food shortages, and increased environmental awareness have enhanced their reputation.

We know that they believe in what it takes to stay on top all the time.

A fun question: Where do you see yourself and your organization in 10 years?

The mission we set forth when we founded Glencal in 2002 to serve humanity has not changed. Our team continues to think outside the box and challenge new technologies, and ten years from now, we will continue to develop technologies that will benefit humankind.

What do we have to say?

There is still a vast expanse of scientific and technological areas that humanity still needs to reach. Glencal Technology will continue exploring the field of quantum physics and atomic physics and make more inventions based on unprecedented ideas to make the world a better place.


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