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James Baker

With two successful running offices one in Ottawa and another in Toronto, ON, Canada, Keynote Search is a leading executive search and recruitment firm that help organizations to succeed and lead towards expansion.

James Baker created Keynote Search with the vision to make hiring and recruiting talent for your company as streamlined as possible by allowing you to stay aback with efforts and stress. The extensive candidate search by the skilled team at Keynote Search speaks to hundreds of executives on your behalf and hunts the most skillful and deserving candidates for your business.

The selection process for the executives candidates goes along through exhaustive interviewing procedures to find the candidate that fits. It includes psychometric assessments to ensure the value addition to your company. Keynote Search is a client-centered firm that prioritizes maximum satisfaction of their clients. The candidates therefore have to go through a predictive questionnaire that helps them identify if they will suit the client’s environments and stay for an extended period of time to bring a positive impact on the company.

James Baker

An academically gifted student turned heads when he decided to leave school as well as home at a young age. As Baker wandered from one hotel to another waiting at the tables, the hospitality sector attracted him the most in particular the warm human interaction and welcoming customer services. At the age of 19, James Baker was running a pub which was located below the place he lived at.

Quite mysteriously he got his first shot, when two young businessmen asked him to hire him in their sales department as the first employee. At that time, Baker denied the offer as he was more interested in customer relations rather than sales, but they promised to teach him all about it if he keeps the spirit high by working hard. They kept their promise which eventually led Baker to establish his own platform.

The impact of Keynote Search can be seen on over 300 private companies. The platform also has assisted over more than 100 non-profit organizations. The team at Keynote Search works on six boards that improve the quality of life in our city. Receiving recognition as Ottawa’s fastest growing business as well as the leading search firms in Canada, master minds at Keynote Search are making everyday count.

How does Keynote Search benefit you?

Talent requirements are unique for every organization in every industry. By gaining alignment with the stakeholders you can understand the organization on a deep or level.

The core values of the organizations shape the roles and requirements of a company and Keynote Search’s platform helps you find the right talent for your firm.

Instead of relying on the updated databases, at Keynote Search every search project is performed from the scratch and shaping it into your personal unique. Out of every industry, the marketing industry has always been the first to adopt unique and innovative strategies to attract the modern generation with the data driven approach.

Similar techniques and strategies are used by Keynote Search to recruit top skilled assets that can take your brand to the next level. Altho this process is not as easy as you may think, proper market research and stakeholder consultations are done to create a deepest organization analysis of the clients in order to cultivate unique strategies that are in line with your business requirements to reach out the qualified candidates.

Keynote Search works by using effective and appropriate channels to market your role and job offerings in such a personalized manner that targets talent in the right fashion.

Post-Placements after every placement

A collaborative space of post placement integration program has been created by the talented team at Keynote search to provide successful long term performance and support of the new executive. Executive coaching has been a powerful measure added to the platform that provides an open space to listen, interpret, and deal with certain problems and issues for both the executives and the other team members.

Such a creative space allows members to surface the issues and dedicate a pragmatic approach to solving them full stops knot search provides 9 structured sessions to create the environment of alignment. These sessions cover major insights and expectations of an organization that allows the members to gain self awareness by understanding different styles and strategy to form harmony.

Committed and driven team

Keynote Search takes their pride in being uniquely identified with a business environment that values self-proclaimed grandeur and antiquated procedures. Highly committed team members at Keynote Search comprises the skill set to work collaboratively assisting each other to work towards the development of the company. The team members are always ready to add new innovations and adapt procedures that bring harmony not only in their work of selecting worthy qualified candidates, but also to their clients to which they aim to serve with highest dedication.


Keynote works structurally to find a qualified applicant that fits your organization to promote its betterment. However, the task goes beyond just finding the right applicant. One factor that makes Keynote an ideal choice is the speedier integration of all executive placements with quality practices that are at the forefront of the industry. The platform ensures significant longterm contributions in your company by aiming to offer unbiased assistance and counsel for smooth integration of your new executive.

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