Legal Clashes against U.S companies for covering up the worker’s abortion costs

Legal Clashes

The US Supreme Court overturned the landmark judgment of 1973 Roe V Wade on June 24 that gave access to the U.S states to ban abortion for women. This decision is also faulted by the President of the United States, Joe Biden. U.S companies have also regressed that they will obscure the travel costs for their employees who-so-ever will leave their home states for the abortion. This will further create a huge impact on the lives of millions of women and it would be like taking their fundamental rights away from them.

Supreme court of the United States give the judgment on the Roe V Wade case where they tried to protect the rights of pregnant women and gave them the liberty to choose to have an abortion. This has been the landmark decision of the U.S. Supreme court. Many U.S. companies have announced that they will provide these benefits only through their Health Insurance Plans.

These companies have been doing so much to anticipation the Supreme Court decision on Friday. Some of these companies are Lyft Inc ( LYFT.O), and Amazon. com Inc ( AMZN. O), Microsoft Corp ( MSFT. O), Apple Inc ( AAPL O), and JP Morgan Chase & Co. ( JPM. N). Twenty-Six other States are also most likely to ban abortion. Mississippi is also declared among these 13 states.  Missouri has also claimed itself to be the first state to ban abortion. Ken Paxton, a Republican Attorney General of Taxes celebrated this ruling by declaring that Abortion is illegal in Texas.

Biden also spoke that the court has expressly taken away the constitutional right that is very much fundamental to many Americans. Biden also made urged to congress party to pass a law, especially protecting abortion rights. Also, his administration will protect women’s access to every medication that is approved by the U.S Food and Drug Administration including the pills like contraception and medication abortion.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, also regretted the decision by expressing that it is incredibly upsetting to watch the removal of a women fundamental right to decide on their own body.

Further, women have continuously protested against this decision and injustice since the day this law has been announced by the supreme court. Massive protests were also held right outside the courthouse and led to major cities and other small towns. Taking these fundamental rights away from women is much disappointing.

This decision will also have a severe impact on their whole life. Each woman ought to have the right to decide for her life as per her choice. Some companies are also helping out their employees with health insurance policies and if they will have to go to another state for abortion are also going to face many legal clashes. That is unfair.

U.S companies have also regressed that they will obscure the travel costs for their employees who-so-ever will leave their home states for the abortion but as per the legal experts in the U.S., those Companies that will cover up the travel costs for their employees getting abortions may have to face many legal clashes and will also be exposed to criminal liability.

Conde Nast Chief Executive Roger Lynch sent a memo to his staff announcing a travel reimbursement policy and calling out the court's ruling as a crushing blow to women's reproductive rights within an hour of this decision being released. Walt Disney Company also unveiled a similar policy on Friday informing their employees to recognize the impact of the abortion ruling by the Supreme Court but remains committed to providing all comprehensive access to quality healthcare, as per the report by a spokesman.



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