What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence?

black AI mother board

Artificial intelligence is a type of intelligence that is developed in computer systems so that it can perform tasks that require human intelligence.

For Example- Speech Recognition, decision making, and visual perception. It is a very impactful John McCarthy is known as the father of Artificial intelligence. He developed it in the year 1950.

It is a very useful and impactful tool that has given a new era in the technological world. It tries to simulate human reasoning. It is the capacity of a computer program to think, learn and perform tasks.

There are three main types of Artificial intelligence-

  1. Weak AI – It can focus on one task at a time.
  2. Strong AI -It can understand and learn any intellectual task
  3. Super AI – It can perform any task very easily and efficiently.


Advantages of Artificial intelligence:-

  1. It can take risks instead of humans:- This is one of the most important advantages of Artificial intelligence. We can overcome many risky situations which the help of artificial intelligence. For example:- Defusing a bomb or going into space etc. We can overcome any human-made disaster with the help of AI.
  2. It is available 24×7:- With the help of artificial intelligence, we can make machines work 24×7. We humans generally need breaks in between work because we are built in that way only. Artificial intelligence is providing 24×7 work facilities.
  3. It is helping in New inventions:- AI is helping humans with new inventions. It is helping in every domain. It is making complex tasks easier for human beings.
  4. It helps in taking faster decisions:- Artificial intelligence is an advanced computer program which is helping in taking quick decisions. With AI technologies, machines can do actions quickly and also gives instant solutions.
  5. Digital Assistance:- AI  is providing digital assistance to many organizations. It helps in interacting with customers.
  6. It gives unbiased decisions:- Which is also one of the major advantages of AI. It is not driven by any emotions. It can give accurate decisions.
  7. It is providing daily applications:- Every day we are frequently using Google, Apple’s Siri, etc for searching for a location, taking selfies, sending emails.


Disadvantages of Artificial intelligence:-

    1. It is making humans lazy:- AI applications have humans lazy. They are using their brains very less. Some people are getting addicted to it, this will harm our future generations. It has reduced the tedious tasks which humans perform, but we are humans and we can’t totally rely on machines for performing our tasks.
    2. It is very expensive:- Huge amount of money is required in making a machine. It requires a lot of time and resources also. Overall it is very expensive.
    3. Unemployment:- Due to the use of AI in every organization, unemployment is also increasing. AI bots are replacing a number of tasks that humans do. It had reduced many job opportunities for humans.
    4. It cannot think out of the box – Machines can do only those tasks for which they are programmed to do. They can’t do anything other than it. We can’t rely on them for every task. They will give irrelevant results.
    5. They don’t have emotions- Machines don’t have emotions. They can’t help in team management. They don’t understand any emotions.
    6. It can lead to destruction:-  Machines can easily lead to destruction if goes in the wrong hand. Its results are quite hazardous for human beings.

Everything new invention has advantages and disadvantages. It’s our duty to use things in a positive way and make a better world.



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