Is The 5G Network Dangerous To Our Health More So Than The Earlier Network?

5G network illustration

No, the 5G network is not dangerous to our health more than the earlier network as in the present time the encoding protocols which are defined in 5G are the same as 4G.

The levels of radiation are also very insufficient to cause any health harm. The latest network of wireless technology is the 5G network.

It works by producing a type of energy which is known as electromagnetic radiation. We all are surrounded by electromagnetic radiation all the time. Some people also believe that it has negative health effects.


What is a 5G network?

• The fifth generation of the mobile networks is known as the 5G network. It is designed in a way that can connect machines, objects, and devices together.

It provides faster mobile communications. It was introduced in 2019. Many network behaviors can be automated with the help of it. It also helps in accelerating service delivery at a lower cost.

5G also uses a method which is known as beamforming. Beamforming sends all the data directly to the devices. It relies on signals produced by radio waves and is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

In this network, the service area is divided into small geographical areas. These areas are called cells. It also has higher bandwidth.


What is an Electromagnetic spectrum?

• An electromagnetic spectrum is the entire range of the wavelengths or frequencies of electromagnetic radiation.

The 5G network is also expected to support electronic devices such as virtual reality appliances, remote surveillance, Telesurgery, and the self – driving cars.

Earlier higher frequencies were not used in the mobile networks. After doing a lot of research no adverse effect has been linked to the use of wireless technologies.

5G works in the microwave part of the spectrum which is non-ionizing radiation. It also opens new horizons for telehealth. Telehealth technology is very helpful.

It helps the patients to connect with doctors and the other healthcare providers virtually which is really beneficial for the betterment of their health.


What is Electromagnetic radiation?

• An electromagnetic radiation is a type of radiation that has electric and magnetic fields and it travels in waves.

According to WHO ( World Health Organization), there is limited research on the frequencies which are used in 5G. No clear evidence has been found for clarifying the fact that the 5G network is harmful to human health.



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