Top 5 Education-Related Big Data Applications

Big Data Applications

Every user in the present digital world inputs and saves their personal data through the usage of the internet. The education sector is no different.

For schools, colleges, and universities to make vital decisions for the seamless management and processing of school-related work, data about administrators, students, and teachers is essential.

However, making correct selections might be difficult when there is a plethora of scattered data. For example, a student's preparation for an English exam will be more challenging if all of the questions and themes are dispersed among multiple websites.

However, having all of the English worksheets in one place will help pupils keep organised and prepared.

Similarly, big data technologies have made all of the laborious work in the education industry a breeze. Such programmes have enabled the storage of all student data, including course information, attendance, student ID, exam results, and grades.

Therefore, we’ve listed the top 5 interesting big data applications in the education industry in this article. Read on!  


1. Civitas Learning

This big data application assists students in achieving professional and academic success. It gathers and integrates data from all institutions and universities in order to assist students in making more informed career decisions. It also guarantees that academic planning, scheduling, and registration are all completed efficiently.

All of the organised data also makes it easier for the administrative team to keep track of their entire routine.


2. 12Twenty

This data-driven programme assists students in making connections with potential employers or universities. As a result, it simplifies the recruiting process for them as well as the career advisors.

It makes the process of gathering student surveys more efficient. This improves the data that institutions have while easing the strain of spreadsheets.

Career counsellors can use this information to create industry reports and analyse student employment.


3. GradeBook Pro

GradeBook Pro is a cutting-edge class management solution that tracks student progress, classroom behaviour, and engagement in real-time.

It also keeps track of their grades and attendance in order to eliminate human error or undue load.

To give a full solution to professional instructors, this app is free of subscriptions, advertisements, and in-app purchases.

It may create reports for the entire class as well as individual students' performance, grades, and attendance.


4. Apex Learning

Without having to invest in additional resources, the Apex Learning application provides insights into student performance and accesses real-time data in order to design and change lesson plans based on the needs of students.

Rather than providing students with academic reports at the end of each term, this app allows them to track their progress throughout the year.

Educators, on the other hand, can use this software to interact in more meaningful ways.


5. Knowre

This fascinating big data tool was created with the goal of finding and resolving math issues in kids in 1st grades through 12th. It thoroughly assesses each student's performance and thereby identifies their strengths and flaws.

This programme then generates arithmetic problem sets based on each student's difficulty level to assist them in progress. Teachers have access to the teacher dashboard, which allows them to monitor student data and assist them in focusing on specific issues.


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