Micron Launches Mass Output Of Advanced Chip In Japan

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Micron announced today that it has launched mass production of advanced NAND flash memory chips in Japan. The new product is based on Micron's third-generation 64-layer 3D NAND architecture that was originally launched in early 2018.


Micron said the new 3D NAND will enable customers to accelerate their time to market for high-capacity storage products, and raise the bar for performance and reliability.


"We are proud to be the first to introduce an advanced NAND product with our third-generation 128Gb 3D NAND technology," said Sanjay Mehrotra, chief executive officer at Micron Technology Inc., Our industry-first introduction of this technology is an important milestone in our long-term commitment to meet the rapidly growing demand for flash memory in data centers."


In order to meet this demand, Micron has invested more than $10 billion since last year into new facilities and equipment at its Boise, Idaho facility; Singapore facility; and Tianjin facility in China.


The company also announced that it has reached another milestone with respect to its roadmap for 3D. Micron has announced that it is launching mass production of its advanced 3D NAND memory chips in Japan. The new technology will be used by a number of manufacturers, including Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix.


The new chip offers higher density and higher performance than existing chips, which makes it ideal for high-end consumer electronics and storage devices. It can also be used in servers and data centres to improve capacity and reduce power consumption.


Micron says that the new chip can offer a storage density of up to 2TB per square inch. This compares with 1TB/sq in for current-generation NAND flash memory, which offers significantly less storage space than other forms of storage such as hard drives or SSDs (solid state drives).


The announcement follows an announcement last week by Intel that it will start making its own 3D NAND chips by 2020. Intel already has plans to use 3D NAND for its next generation processors and storage products, but it is not yet clear how much it will cost consumers or whether it will be introduced at all before 2020.


Micron Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq: MU) today announced that it has successfully achieved mass production of Advanced 3D NAND memory at its factory in Yokkaichi, Japan. The achievement marks the first major step toward commercialization of the company's next-generation flash memory technology and is an important milestone toward Micron's goal of making advanced 3D NAND available to customers in 2020.


Micron has been developing advanced 3D NAND for more than five years and continues to advance its development and manufacturing processes. In December 2015, Micron started mass production of its first generation 3D NAND in a single substrate process and has since then expanded its capacity sixfold to reach 8Gb wafers per month.


The company's next-generation 3D NAND will introduce revolutionary technologies including higher density, faster speeds and lower power consumption than 2D NAND technology used today. These benefits will enable new forms of consumer products with improved performance and longevity – such as high-definition video streaming, digital cameras or smartphones with battery life extending into the hundreds of hours or even thousands of hours when used for video playback or still image capture – without compromising on space efficiency or cost per bit.


Micron Technology Inc., the world's largest semiconductor manufacturer, has launched mass output of a new generation of advanced chips in Japan. The production is expected to be completed by next month, the company said Thursday.


The new generation of advanced chips will be used for industrial applications such as 4K UHD TV and super-high resolution digital cameras and sensors. The company is doing pretty well and plans to spread their ideas and products globally soon!


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