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Instagram and Facebook will soon launch blue tick verification, a new feature that will allow users to verify their accounts, according to a report.


The blue tag is an exclusive mark given by the social networking giants that confirms that an account is authentic. It is reserved for verified accounts on Instagram and Facebook, which means users can assume it’s the real deal.


According to a report by The Verge, Instagram and Facebook are working on adding this feature to their platforms.


The companies have reportedly been working on this feature since last year and they plan to launch it in 2023


It could also be used for businesses and brands as well as celebrities who want more credibility and trust from their fans. Instagram and Facebook can soon launch blue tick verification


Instagram and Facebook have been working on a blue tick verification system that would give their users the privilege to check out whether a business is legitimate or not. This will be a big help because there are so many fraudsters who try to make money out of unsuspecting people.


The new feature will allow users to see if the business is verified or not, giving them peace of mind when it comes to doing business with such companies.


Facebook is also developing a similar feature for its Messenger app. The blue tick will be given to businesses that meet certain criteria like having a valid address and phone number, being in good standing with local authorities and having been reviewed by other users.


The blue checkmark could be a new sign of approval, which would allow people to feel more secure about sharing photos and videos of themselves on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Facebook has been testing this feature for months with select partners in the media industry, and it's expected to roll out fully later this year.


Instagram is also said to be testing the feature with creators like Comedy Central and Vice, but it hasn't yet been made public which companies will be included when it finally launches. Instagram and Facebook are one of the biggest social media platforms   After twitter they are also starting blue tick verification subscription


The social media platform Instagram is giving a new feature that will allow businesses to verify their accounts. The blue tick icon will be added to business pages in the coming weeks, allowing users to easily identify verified accounts in their feeds.


The feature is being launched as part of Facebook's broader efforts to combat fake news, including the recent addition of fact-checking tools for news stories on its News Feeds for users in the US and UK. Instagram and Facebook are one of the biggest social media platforms used by people all over the world. These two social media platforms are also known to have a lot of users, which means they can be very engaging and fun to follow. This is why they are one of the most popular social media platforms that everyone wants to use.


However, there is one problem with using Instagram and Facebook: It's hard to get followers on there. You might have tried to gain some followers on Instagram but it seems like no matter what you do it just isn't working! This is because these sites have a lot of competition from other similar sites like Twitter and Pinterest, so it's not easy for any new site to get noticed when so many other popular ones already exist.


It doesn't help that most people think that these sites only attract followers who want to look at your profile or photos, but this is not true at all! If you want more followers on your account then you must first choose the right type of account for your business or brand before making any effort on social media marketing strategies.

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