US Immigration Uses Smartphones App to Monitor Immigrants

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Man uses phone app for imigration

The United States of America has widely enlarged the utilize of a smartphone application during the outbreak COVID-19 pandemic.

US officials are currently using the SmartLink app to verify that immigrants which are released from confinement will organize displacement hearings. More than 125,000 migrants are presently urged to install the application on their mobile phones.


What is a SmartLink App?

Users can navigate to predefined destinations by clicking smart links (Uniform Research Locators) based on their device platform, OS version, location, and a variety of targeting criteria defined by the user.

It was developed by BI, a Boulder, Colorado-based company that operates prisons.

It is part of ICE’s Alternatives to Detention, a program that recognizes and checks all migrants who have low flight risks as well as those with compelling humanitarian reasons to be released from detention.


How Does It Help?

It provides an easy way for authorities to track immigrants at Mexico-US Borders.

A biometric app from GEO Group substantiates that the registered migrant is where he or she was told they would be. Using this application, immigration officials can monitor immigrants via voice and video.


Who is an Immigrant?

Immigrants are people who live in countries other than where they were born or who have moved into other countries.

Migrants are sometimes called foreign-born, international migrant, and foreign-born.

When immigrating to the US, there are four various immigration status divisions that immigrants may fall into:-

  • 1. Citizen
  • 2. Residents
  • 3. Non-immigrants
  • 4. Undocumented immigrants


The immigrant is defined broadly by the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) as any foreign national who is lawfully present in the United States except for certain categories of non-immigrants. ( INA section 101(a) (15). The immigration system will be able to use it as the excessive standard for everyone,” Mao stated.

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