Indian Startups, Developers Exploring Legal Action Over Google’s Billing Policy


Google is facing the heat from Indian startups and developers over its billing policy. The tech giant has been forcing its customers to pay upfront for their services, which is against the law in India.


Google recently changed its billing policy so that it would be free for up to five years after the purchase of a subscription. However, it is not clear as to why Google has done this or whether they have been forced by regulators or any other reason.


The decision has triggered an uproar among developers and startups who are now exploring legal action against Google for violating their rights under Section 79 of the Indian IT Act, 2000 and IPR Act, 1999. Indian startups and developers are exploring legal action against Google for its billing policy.


The developer community is upset with Google as it announced a change in its billing policy which would allow the company to charge developers for its services even if they have not downloaded the application on their device.


The company has also announced a new feature called “Project Sunroof”, which will allow users to access up to 40 GB of data per month (up from the current 20 GB) for free.


Google has been facing a lot of criticism from the Indian startup community over these changes. Google has been hit with a number of complaints from the Indian startup community over its billing policy, which allows it to charge for services even if they are never used.


The company's new billing policy is intended to help Google cover its costs and generate revenue, but some developers have argued that it could potentially be used against them in the future.


A group of Indian developers have filed a complaint with the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC), arguing that Google's new billing policy violates their right to fair trade and equal treatment.


Google said in an email statement to The Times of India that it was "looking into" the matter. Google has been embroiled in a controversy over its billing practices, with Indian startups and developers claiming that the company is charging excessive sums for services it provides.


A group of developers has filed a petition in the Delhi High Court asking for Google to provide free services like email and phone support to users who are unable to pay for such services. The petitioners also want Google to provide an option for users to opt out of having their bills paid by Google.

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The developers aren’t happy with the recent ongoing problems and everyone looks forward to getting rid of it. Google experts and members said that they will soon call out this petition as not valuable.


The development comes at a time when companies like Facebook and Twitter have faced similar issues over their billing policies. In January 2015, Facebook announced that it will no longer charge developers for its advertising platform. The move was seen as an attempt by Facebook to compete with larger rivals like Amazon and Apple which offer more advanced advertising tools than Facebook does presently.


As we all are aware of the fact that most of the startups are in the tech field so most of them face the problem which is occurring while paying the bills for certain apps. As per latest news, some experts said that these Google policies will have a change which will help all the startup’s to complete all the processes easily. A big company like google on which mostly number of users registers themselves daily are also facing problem when it comes to billing part.



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