Use of machine learning in cyber security

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use of machine learning in cyber security

How Is Machine Learning Used in Cyber Security?

Machine learning is an essential technology for cyber security. In today’s modern technological world, the need for cyber security has been increasing day by day.

Machine learning helps in analyzing the patterns, which helps the cyber security professional to easily understand the threat and is helpful in preventing similar threats.

Now it is almost impossible to have effective cyber security without relying heavily on machine learning. It has soo many benefits. It helps in the reduction of time for understanding the pattern.

Machine learning is significant in every organization.

Machine learning is a having a very wide range of applications across every industry.


What is Machine learning?

• Machine learning is a type of AI ( Artificial intelligence) technique that is useful in delegating the task of learning to a computer by using algorithms to find the patterns within a data learning.

The main purpose of machine learning is to understand the patterns of data and to fit that data into models so that it can be easily understood by people.

It allows the software application to become more accurate. With the use of historical data as input, it is able to predict the output value.

There are three main types of Machine learning which are as follows:-

  1.  Supervised learning
  2. Unsupervised learning
  3. Reinforcement learning


How it is Used in Cyber Security?

• Machine learning is used in a number of ways in cyber security. It helps in automating the process of contextualizing, finding, and triggering relevant data at any stage in the threat intelligence cycle.

It is an integral part of every organization. With help of machine learning, organizations can easily evaluate a large scale of data.

• Automating Task:- Machine learning is used in cyber security to automate task which is repetitive and time-consuming.

With the help of it, the cyber security team is able to put time and energy into that task which actually requires human intelligence.

• Threat detection and Classification:- It is also useful in the detection of all kinds of threats and also classifying them. This helps cyber security professionals to detect and respond to attacks.

• Phishing:-  Machine learning is also useful in the identification and detection of phishing. Phishing is a type of social engineering attack which is often used in stealing user data including credit card numbers and login credentials.

• Webshell:- Webshell is a piece of code that is maliciously loaded into a website network. With the help of it, cyber attackers gain access to the database. Machine learning helps in the identification of web shells.

• It is also used in improving the available software.

• E-mail Monitoring:- It is also very beneficial in monitoring e-mail.  In every organization, the need for monitoring employees' emails is very essential.

• It is also useful in fighting AI threats.

• Machine learning is also useful in Echosec System platforms. The models of Echosec system machine learning are trained in such a way that they are able to detect breaches and data disclosure.



Machine learning is a very important tool. It gives insights into the threats and malicious practices and it is very much beneficial and important for every organization in protecting its data.

It is used in cyber security in the above-elaborated ways. It is a subfield of Artificial intelligence.

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