Biden Administration Eyes Shift to Annual COVID-19 Shot

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The administration of president Joe Biden has been looking at shifting to annual COVID-19 shots, according to a report from Reuters. The current administration is still deciding on whether they want to make the change.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has been providing yearly shots since October 2017. Before that, it was only needed every three years and then it wasn't recommended for pregnant women or people under 65.


According to Reuters, the CDC said during a conference call with reporters last week that "there is not enough evidence" to recommend annual shots for everyone. They noted that studies show that less than half of people who receive them actually get tested for antibodies against COVID-19. On Wednesday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that it would make the administration of a single dose of the vaccine available only to those who were under 19 years old. It was not immediately clear why this change was being made, but it could be part of an effort to reduce outbreaks as a result of insufficient immunisation rates.


The CDC also announced a shift in its monitoring program for people aged 19 through 55, who are most at risk for developing complications from this strain.




Pfizer is a great shot and should be spread annually. It helps to prevent colds and flu, as well as reduce your risk of getting sick.


The shot prevents you from getting the common cold by making your immune system stronger. This is because it contains antibodies that help fight off viruses. This can make you less likely to get sick.


Pfizer also helps to prevent the common cold by making your immune system stronger. The shot contains antibodies that are designed to fight off viruses, which are present in all of us throughout our lives. These antibodies help build up your immune system, making you less likely to get sick when exposed to new germs or microbes that could cause illness.


Pfizer is a great shot for covid 19. It is the first time in history that a company has been able to get approval from the FDA to market a vaccine against COVID-19. The vaccine has been available since April 2019, but its use is limited to clinical trials and studies.


There are several reasons why Pfizer's vaccine is so important. First of all, the threat of pandemic has been hanging over everyone's head for months now. With no end in sight, most people are keeping their fingers crossed that they won't have to worry about this again soon. If we're lucky enough not to have another pandemic, then we'll be happy that we don't have to worry about this disease anymore.


But if we do have another pandemic, then Pfizer's new vaccine would become an essential part of our lives once again! And even if we don't need it anymore after the next pandemic passes, this is still a good reason for us to get vaccinated now - just in case!


Another important reason why Pfizer's vaccine is such an important development is that it could be used as an alternative method (or supplement) for treating COVID-19


As compared to other vaccines, it’s better for sure! Pfizer is a great shot for covid 19. It’s easy to take and provides the same amount of protection as Prevnar 13. Pfizer is also effective in preventing infection, unlike Prevnar 13.


Pfizer is an injectable that you receive once a month for one year. It prevents pneumococcal pneumonia and meningitis, which are caused by pneumococcus bacteria. Pneumococcal pneumonia can be deadly if not treated within 24 hours of onset.


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